Success in Unalakleet!

Though my launch was delayed from Fairbanks due to fog and rain, I was able to sneak out about 9AM to head west.  It was a strong headwind all the way, soI didn’t get to Unalakleet until about 3PM, making only 75 mph over the ground much of th way.  I had planned to stay the night there so that I could map all the way up to Golovin today, but the forecast changed overnight and predicted a fast-moving cold-front to bring rain and snow by morning and for the next several days.  So I expanded the map extents around Unalakleet, then headed up the coast to Shaktoolik for more of the same, then headed towards home.  I made it as far as Galena before calling it a day, as after 10 hours of flying I was not up for a 3 hour night flight in the clouds to get into Fairbanks.  Preliminary data checks look great, and we should see some results on Fodar Earth in a few days.

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