Sea Ice

 In Applications

Sea ice plays an enormous role in global climate dynamics and ocean commerce, yet our understanding of it is limited by our observational methods. Fodar can measure freeboard, surface roughness, and dynamic change for both scientific and navigational uses.  We have developed proprietary techniques that can even measure sea ice that is moving rapidly.

Here newly-formed leads in sea ice are freezing over. Mouse-over to see colorized ‘terrain’. The relief here is tiny — the colors stretch over less than 2 m elevation. This is one of the most challenging photogrammetric environments, yet the results speak for themselves. Note that the open water and new ice are all at the same elevation, as denoted by them being the same color.

isto_oblique1Here landfast ice comes in contact with moving ice, creating leads and rotating blocks. Mouse-over to see colorized terrain.


In this animated gif, the pointer moves between several leads, right at the water’s edge, demonstrating that sea-level is constant across the scene.

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