Saving the Wales

Despite forecasts to the contrary, I woke up this morning to find that clear skies were over Teller and Wales so I headed out there at first light and finished all work north and west of Nome.

It was a startling contrast to fly towards Teller, Brevig, and Wales and see all the mountains in sunlight, with barely a cloud in sight.  Well, except for the ones I had to fly under to get there anyway.  Given the weather towards Nome was more unsettled than the clear skies to the North, I focused first on getting the essential coastline work done by adding some inland lines to what I started yesterday and cleaning up the peninsula leading to Port Clarence.  But then it was straight to Wales before any weather moved in there.  It was a good thing too, as in the hour it took to get there a ~5000′ overcast developed, and once I reached it I could see behind the mountains that it was dark and dreary and heading this way.  But fortunately the weather held long enough, and I was able to get all of the remaining high altitude work done, as well as all planned lines and more in the region.  Though yesterday was a very satisfying day, it was definitely augmented by wrapping up all the little loose ends today.  It was also pleasant to mostly just fly according to plan, without the mental gymnastics of trying to outwit the clouds and the airplane.  Just a few more days of that…

In any case, if the weather allows, it’s south to the Yukon River delta tomorrow and basing from St Mary’s until the work is complete.

Today was mostly a clean up day (yellow). This is my version of saving the Wales area for posterity, and maybe saving them some hassles by helping them prepare for the next big storm surge.

A lot of inland infill to flesh out the coastal zone.

Dont ask me, I just work here.

Havent missed a low tide yet…

The mountains towards Wales were wide open early in the morning, looking over Port Clarence peninsula.

image3 (4)_acr
A few hours later they were getting pretty socked in.

image4 (2)_acr
Normally lurking in the clouds above Wales, this long range radar dish was out in the open for a while today.

Just as I flew over, it broke into sunshine so I blew the highlights a bit.  But I didnt dare fly over again, lest they scramble the jets again like yesterday…

image1 (9)_acr
But I was prepared just in case — one blink and they would be history…

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