Meet the Fleet!

It was a busy summer at Fairbanks Fodar, flying over 25,000 miles in total, and given the work in hand already for 2017 it seemed reasonable to invest in new aircraft and improved mapping [...]

How the West was Won

This week we completed acquisition of data for the entire west coastline of Alaska, mapping over 2000 miles of beach from Icy Cape in the north to Platinum in the south, a length longer than the [...]

50-60 Hindsight

I spent my 50th birthday documenting and measuring landscape change in the Arctic as part of projects that began 60 years ago or more, giving me occasion to reflect on where I’ve been and [...]

Slogging the Sag

I returned today from a short but intense trip to the Arctic, flying 25 out of 52 hours to acquire 22,000 photos, mapping about 100 miles of the Dalton Highway and Sagavanirktok River near [...]

DOTs Delivered

Today we delivered data acquired for the Alaska Department of Transportation near Valdez and in Fairbanks, and found that their validation data showed what we have always found — it just [...]

Arctic Peak Paper Published

Our paper on determining the highest mountain in the US Arctic using fodar was published today in the journal The Cryosphere.  The paper settles the issue of which peak is highest, resulting from [...]


From Fairbanks to Valdez, this week Fairbanks Fodar has mapped a lot of pavement. Earlier this month we got a few contracts from the Alaska Department of Transportation, following up on the [...]

Denali Done!

Today we completed acquisitions for the massive 5000 square kilometer Denali National Park project, and completed a bonus survey of the park road at higher resolution.  You can catch up on the [...]

Not Goodnews, great news!

Today marks completion of acquisitions of a continuous mile-wide swath of topographic measurements of Alaskan coastline from Wales to Platinum, plus some inland rivers, covering a combined linear [...]

More Goodnews!

Work on the DNR coastal project made a big leap forward today with the mapping of the villages of Goodnews and Quinhagak, as well as the remainder of Goodnews Bay, completing the southeastern [...]

Goodnews! Sort of…

Today I mapped the coast from Bethel to Goodnews Bay.  Sort of… Like most field work, weather is everything.  For the past several days there’s been a huge trough spanning the entire [...]


Phase two of the DNR project mapping coastlines and villages in western Alaska began today by mapping the village of Eek, and by day’s end included the villages of Kongiginak and [...]

Earth Day 2016

At the risk of seeming to be yet another company jumping on the Earth Day bandwagon gratuitously, I just thought to mention that every idea we have about ‘protecting’ our planet stems [...]

Fodar Maps Ice Jams

After the horrendous flooding of the Yukon in 2013 caused by ice jams, I’ve been working on demonstrating the how fodar may help us understand ice jam dynamics, improve predictions of [...]

Fodar in the News

Following our talk at AGU regarding the tallest peak in the US Arctic, a few news articles popped up. Here’s one from National Geographic. And another from our local Fairbanks paper which [...]

Fodar updates USGS maps

Today our paper on determining the highest peak in the US Arctic was published in The Cryosphere Discussions and we also released our final results in a talk at the 2015 Fall American Geophysical [...]

The Bombs of St Mary’s

Today I flew from Nome to St Mary’s, doing some final cleanup en route before getting chased off the coast just as I thought I was going to map the Yukon River delta. I fueled last night so [...]

Saving the Wales

Despite forecasts to the contrary, I woke up this morning to find that clear skies were over Teller and Wales so I headed out there at first light and finished all work north and west of Nome. It [...]

Mapping the Dash

The Yukon and Kuskokwim Delta have formed one giant delta over millions of years and the area is generally known as the Y-K delta for short. The current deltas are separated by about two hundred [...]

A big day in Norton Sound

After nearly a week of waiting for the weather to break, today the clouds lifted and I was able to map the coast from Unalakleet to Golovin Bay, in a 9 hour flight capturing 7900 photos. The past [...]

New Arctic data online

Last week I flew two long days and acquired a lot of data.  I’ve since processed and delivered all of it. You can visit Fodar Earth to view the data in the 3D, but here are a few [...]

New Fodar Earth Engine Online

For the past six months, I have been working Todd Smith at AGI to build a better virtual globe.  Their technology, Cesium, is an open source 3D virtual globe viewer written in HTML5, such that no [...]

Snow depth paper online

Yesterday our paper on snow depth measurements was published in The Cryosphere Discussions.  You can find it here In short, we [...]

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