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FodarEarth™ is an online visualization tool and archive for Fodar™ data. One of the major problems with Fodar™ data is that it creates huge files. Imagine mapping an area of 10 km x 10 km at 10 cm resolution — this creates a DEM and orthophoto that total 70 gigabytes, making it hard to share and requiring a powerful computer to use. FodarEarth™ solves this problem by only serving you the data within your field of view, such that you can still zoom in to see full detail, but you only get those details you are actually zoomed in on.

So here you can fly in 3D over the earth and see our data in full detail in an efficient streaming environment.  No application is required, just a recently updated browser.  Powered by Cesium, FodarEarth will eventually be home to all of the digital elevation models and orthophotos created by Fodar™ operators.  Currently we are in the process of uploading existing data and building new analysis tools for Cesium, so check back often.

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