Construction Progress

 In Applications

For about the same cost as making oblique photos of construction progress, fodar can made DEMs and orthophotos that can be used for engineering, permitting or compliance. Fodar can also be used for asset tracking.

Rather than simply creating a time-series of photos of contruction progress, Fodar™ can measure the topography of construction progress. Here a new building is being constructed at UAF. Mouse-over to see colorized topography.

Here are some truck beds and drill rigs at a mine site. Mouse-over to see which of them were moved in the past week. Blues and dark greens means an asset was moved away, yellows and reds mean that something was added.

Here are some truck tires at a mine site. Mouse-over to see which of them have moved. At a glance, Fodar difference images like these can be used to identify changes in even the smallest of ground-assets.

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