As climate continues to warm, glaciers continue to lose volume at an increasingly rapid rate. Fodar is an excellent tool for the measurement of glacier change on annual, seasonal, and even daily [...]



Fodar can detect subtle, natural changes in the earth’s surface. River geomorphology is just one application. Here is a section of the Toklat River in Denali National Park in early June. [...]


Ground Subsidence

  Whether caused by thermal instability of permafrost, pumping of subterranean acquifers, or some other geomorphic process, subsidence is a big deal. Even a few centimeters of change can be [...]


Coastal Erosion

Coastal erosion rates are changing due to global climate change, but exactly how remains to be measured. Fodar can measure not only the aftermath of storms, but the aftermath of yesterday’s [...]


Snow Thickness

Seasonal snow is the largest topographic change on our planet, yet until now our ability to measure it has remained elusive. Snow plays a major role in water resources, ecology, and global [...]



Mining operations actively change the shape of the earth on a regular basis. Fodar maps can measure cut and fill volumes, form base maps for planning, document reclamation, detect uncontrolled [...]


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